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  1. Most often we buy an existing property directly from the homeowner.

  2. Our specialty is in-fill construction, meaning we buy in established neighborhoods and build a new home on the home site.

  3. Some of our favorite hoods are Cotswold, Sedgefield, Chantilly, Plaza Midwood, Madision Park, Wesley Heights and Barclay Downs.

  4. Currently 90% of our projects are new construction, and 10% are renovations.

  1. For new construction, we work intimately with award winning home designers to collaborate on creating the perfect home design.

  2. In the case of a remodel, we do all the design in house, and then send our plan to a draftsman to create CAD drawings.

  3. New construction or remodel, one thing is always the same.  Our homes are “Designed For Living, Built For Life”.

  1. When it comes to the construction itself, that is done by us.  We are a licensed and insured General Contractor.

  2. All work is performed by our team of sub-contractors and managed by our in-house construction manager.

  3. Being the General Contractor gives us total control over the design of the homes we build as well the quality in which they are constructed.

  1. We exclusively handle the resale of our homes ourselves.

  2. Often times one of our active builds is a perfect fit for an inquiring buyer.  When that’s the case, we will pre-sell the home with the expectation that it will be completed with the already chosen finishes.

  3. If a home has not been put under contract by the time we are completed building it, we will list the home for sale on the MLS.

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