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As you walk towards the front entrance of 308 Wonderwood, you can feel a strong sense of excitement in the air. The foyer of this beautiful home welcomes you to experience a blend of light, elegance, and artistry. It sets the mood for the entire living space with its large windows, impressive staircase, and careful design choices. Today, we are going to be going into further detail about the foyer at 308 Wonderwood.


You'll immediately notice the bright natural light coming in through the big windows at the front. These windows beautifully bring the outdoors inside, making the foyer feel lively and sunlit. As you walk into the foyer, you can't help but admire the beautiful staircase. It has wrought iron decorations and is made of white oak, giving it a nice mix of natural and organic textures. It complements the black windows and shiplap walls really well. And let's not forget about the amazing Visual Comfort 3-tiered chandelier that adds a stunning touch to the staircase.





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