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Explore a spacious laundry room, complete with a walk-in storage closet, super cool hanging racks, a beautiful soft-colored cabinet, and a convenient sink. Let's dive in and discover the delightful features that make this laundry room truly functional and stylish!

Mint Green Cabinets in Luxury Laundry Room

We aimed to create an atmosphere that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. To achieve this, we painted the cabinets with a soft and elegant color—Benjamin Moore's Flora AF-470. This choice not only adds a touch of sophistication but also complements the overall design scheme, creating a harmonious and inviting space. Beyond the room's dimensions, we have designed a walk-in storage closet, ensuring you have a dedicated space to keep your laundry essentials organized and easily accessible.

Benjamin Moore's Flora AF-470 Cabinet color in a Laundry Room

Who says laundry rooms can't be fun? We installed hanging racks that not only serve a practical purpose but also add a playful touch to the room. These racks are perfect for air-drying delicate garments or hanging freshly ironed clothes, ensuring they stay wrinkle-free until you're ready to put them away. With these racks, doing laundry becomes a more enjoyable experience!

Drying racks in your laundry room

To complete the laundry room's design, we opted for a fun and eye-catching tiled floor. The choice of tile adds personality and character to the space, elevating it from a purely functional area to a stylish room you'll actually like spending time in. The patterns and colors of the tiles lend a vibrant and energetic ambiance, making laundry chores a little more exciting.

Eye catching ceramic tile in a laundry room

Charlotte NC Custom Home Builder


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